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The first smart water tracker and reminder that automatically adapts to your activity and the weather conditions.

A smart reminder

Thirstic helps you drinking enough water during your day by taking into account your activity and weather conditions in your area.

Adapts to your activity

Doing your regular workout on Tuesday and Thursday evening? Thirstic will learn the patterns and update your suggested water intake automatically.

Adapts to weather conditions

Heatwave on the horizont? Thirstic has you covered! Your suggested water intake will automatically increase.

Sipping is healthier than gulping

Thirstic assists you drinking water in small amounts throughout your day, instead of only emphasizing your total daily water intake goal.

Smart reminders

Instead of sending you notifications in fixed time intervals, Thirstic reminds you if you reach a specified „thirst threshold“ (for example 300 ml or 10 fl oz).

Customize preferences

Change the parameters of your water intake estimate to your personal preferences, resulting in higher or lower daily water intake goals.

Minimalistic & straightforward

A minimalistic and straightforward user interface allows you to add your water intake with a single tap.

Works best with Apple Watch

Thirstic works best with Apple Watch or any other fitness trackers that writes burned calories into HealthKit. If this data is not available, Thirstic uses the step counter from your iPhone.

Private & secure

All the advanced calculations in this app are powered by your iPhone. No health or activity data leaves your device and is securely stored in your Health app.